Design Media Guidelines

Many of our clients and new customers prefer to send us their designs electronically.  We keep our computer systems up to date with the latest design software and can import many different formats to make compatible with our sign manufacturing equipment.  We can also scan images when detailed graphics need to be rendered out on signs that contain tonal images or photographs.

guidelinesAlternatively, you can simply send us a simple brief detailing basic requirements and ideas for content, and we’ll do the design for you.  We are hapy to quote for a separate custom design or just quote for manufacture based on a suitable computer file.

In both cases, we will require certain information for a new sign to ensure a smooth design process to meet your exact requirment.  Source specification usually comes in 4 fundamental areas: 1) physical detail – material, colour, size/shape etc. 2) textual content, 3) design graphics – usually in a vector format,  4) pictoral graphics – in a bit map format.  We can help you through this process if you are unfamiliar with this and of course advise you on sending us an ideal requirement specification to minimise costs and delivery time.  We can of course use our creative designer to produce design variants for your approval if you do not have design resources.

The most efficient source of specification is in vector format and files such as PDF or AI can be directly imported into our design systems.  For graphics, high resolution bit map images (jpg or png files) are the best way of letting us have your data – the bigger the better so we can reduce if appropriate.

While paper sketches or prints are an easy and quick way to illustrate a signage requirement, unless they are accurate and of high quality, extra work may be necessary to produce a suitable file for manufacturing a sign.  This can incur extra cost so getting it right at the start can save time and money.  High quality computer files or a good descriptive brief that have been approved are the preferred starting point for making new signs.  We keep all files we use for our manufactured signs so any repeat business can rely on 100% replicas for any future client order.

For help in clarifying any queries you may have on sending us Design Media for your new sign, please contact us.